“The two day workshop with Irena was illuminating. Irena created a nurturing and safe space to facilitate the exploration and healing of the false beliefs and unhelpful habits I had unconsciously been living by. The depth of work achieved in the space of the course was profound; although challenging, Irena was there to support and encourage through every step of the way. At the end of the workshop, I left with a profound sense peace within and the knowledge that I can continue this work myself having created a deep love an understanding of myself with Irena’s guidance. Thankyou for the wonderful blessing that this workshop has been.”
CB, Healthcare Professional, Australia

Our courses are currently delivered by email or in person at “live” workshops or as “virtual workshops” on zoom, whilst our private website courses platform is developed.  Audio and video lessons are secured in a private platform which only those signing up to the course can have access to. To book any of the courses on this page please connect with us here.


“It is wonderful to work with Irena. Her deeply compassionate and intuitive way invited me to connect with my higher self and inner child on a level I had not experienced before. With her presence she created a safe space, in which I could relax. I felt seen for who I truly am. It was profoundly healing for me as a man to discover and experience the calm source of strength of my inner divine masculine and this has started an unfolding that is present with me every day since the workshop. I cannot imagine a better guide and mentor for this deep work than Irena. Her presence, intuition, intelligence and wisdom are a true blessing.” FC, University Manager, Switzerland

"Returning Home To Ourself" Programmes


Our programmes and courses are about empowerment. They offer  knowledge and practices so that you can start a ‘Journey of the Self (part 1), through the Self (part 2) and back to the Self (part 3)’ (The Bhagavad Gita). The programmes will help you learn to connect to yourself and to others, develop intimacy, face and overcome your fears and false beliefs, break unhelpful patterns and manifest your gifts and talents so that you may reach your full potential. Many people who have taken our courses have transformed their lives, their relationships privately and professionally, followed their dreams or got their longstanding projects off the ground. Some have also changed careers.

5 week (online) or two mornings workshops (virtual or in personal)
Self-care Foundations (Personal Empowerment Series)

There are stages in personal growth and healing work starting with willingness and having the right foundations.

This 5 week online course (or two mornings in person or virtual workshops) is an introduction of ‘the journey of the self’. It will provide you with the tools to start you off on this journey using scientific and public health evidence around the use of quiet time, meditation and other self-care practices which are safe, effective, powerful and life-changing.

This is a corporate & science-tested course, used in many workshops and one on one. You also get audios, videos and an opportunity to work with me.

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5 week (online) or two mornings workshops (virtual or in personal)
Mind-set Shift (Personal Empowerment Series)

The world within is governed by the mind, thoughts, feelings and desires. We can change everything about our life by changing our attitude of mind.

When we discover how to access and harness our own inner power everything changes in and out.

This 5 week course (or two mornings in person workshop) continues ‘the journey of the self’ but this time goes deeper ‘through the self’. It will introduce you to the most powerful modalities and techniques used in the world today including some we investigated scientifically. This is an opportunity to go deeper into your own healing work and really learn more about yourself, unearthing your gifts and talents and also heal any unaddressed wounds.

This course has also been corporate & science-tested, but I have added more modalities and bonus material. It has been used in many workshops and one on one. You also get audios, videos and an opportunity to work with me.

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10 modules online course (or delivered in e-workshops)
Breaking Away From Coercive Control, Abusive & Toxic Relationship Patterns Course

This 10 modules online course, is designed as a guide if you, or someone you care about, might be in the midst of, are thinking of leaving, or have left an abusive, coercive or toxic relationship and to help take your power back.

The programme works for breaking away from an abusive relationship/interaction in the personal or professional spheres.

Our course is evidence informed and based on research on this topic including our our own study findings published in an article by Dr Fontes (an expert in coercive control) in Psychology Today.

You will gain a roadmap to help you identify signs of abuse and coercive control in their various forms, spot the abuser, and understand how the cycle of violence operates. The second part OF the programmes is about turning things around.

Along with videos and audios, you will learn practices, exercises & simple tools to start you on your journey of healing and reclaiming your power in the comfort and safety of your own home.

This course will be available to purchase online in July 2020. A virtual two day week-end intensive workshop is also available today. For more information connect with me.

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1, 3 or 6 months Programme with Irena
1, 3 or 6 months Mentorship & Coaching Programme with Irena

This mentorship & coaching programme is the best way to effect deep change.


*1, 3 or 6 months of private coaching – including 2 one hour sessions per month via skype.
*Masterclass lesson(s) – delivered as a mix of guided meditation, a video, an audio and/or a written article (with one specifically tailored for you) and based on the themes you are exploring and to guide you to deepen your practice. (If you have received any of my material before, you are free to gift it to a friend).
*A 30 minutes ad hoc session – to support you with anything arising during the programme, which the other methods of support might not meet.
*Email support – between sessions, you’ll have access to me via email* to answer questions, for support, to bounce your ideas off of, or whatever else you need help with. (*1, 2 or 4 emails depending on the package, number of words are limited to 200 words per email).
*A 30 minute follow up session – after the programme ends, you’ll receive a half-hour session which you can use anytime within either a month, 3 months or 6 months after your programme ends.

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Phone Coaching using Connecting Coaching method
Find your Gifts & Realise Your Vision or Project With Connecting Coaching

Having created and led my own businesses and projects, I understand what is required to make a project a reality.

I created Your Alchemists ‘Connecting Coaching’ process because traditional coaching methods did not work for me and other clients who kept repeating unhelpful patterns or got stuck into making their dream a reality during the coaching session. The work was not deep enough for them and so they kept coming face to face with their own unhelpful strategies which slowed and often even blocked their creative process.

This is because we can’t only “think our way through” our vision and goals. Whilst it is essential to use our intellect, we can’t be creative and analytical at the same time as both processes are different. We also can't dismiss the body and physiological responses of - hyper arousal or collapse.

The Connecting coaching process takes you through 7 steps taking into account where you are in that particular moment in time and guides you through it.

The coaching sessions are carried out over the phone in a 1.5 to 2 hour Skype session or in mornings workshops. You will receive outputs based on our work including action plans to help you realise your vision. If you feel that you might need more time, you might wish to consider doing this work as part of our mentorship programmes.

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Online or Workshop format
Body/Mind/Spirit Connection Proprietary Course

After three decades of body-mind practices including stage work in Europe from the age of 10, and later the UK and the USA, communications expertise in the UK House of commons, business management, clinical psychology, academic research and an International yoga and meditation teaching qualification received in India in December 2019, we are delighted to launch our own body-mind-spirit proprietary course.

Our course weaves all our practices together in meditation, elements of yoga (such as gentle stretches and breathing) and other modalities such as spiritual and compassion Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), body expression, inner voice, communication and forms of movement to help you connect to yourself in a very effective and profound way. These modalities - whether top down (such as CBT) or bottom up (meditation, yoga, movement and voice work) will help you learn to connect with yourself and explore what might be in the way of you being all you are born to be.

This course is delivered mostly in a workshop setting but can also be delivered as part of one to one coaching on Skype.

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Webinars and Virtual Workshops
Webinars and Virtual Workshops

This webinar series weaves in psychological, philosophical and physical theories as well as practices to be and feel well. We have distilled what evidence shows is working into simple “Keys” so that you can look after your wellbeing in all circumstances. I have delivered these in French and English.

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