Irena is the principal consultant and researcher at Your Alchemists. She also collaborates with global experts from diverse fields, PhD colleagues and Doctors in Psychology. She has co-authored various articles based on her research and writing her first book based on her research findings. Her latest findings were published in Psychology Today with Dr Lisa Fontes. Check our Blog to read our article.

Irena has held various advisory and consulting roles in different settings. She has carried out quantitative & qualitative people research globally, in many different environments, including academia, healthcare, global corporate organisations, one on one, in groups and at all levels of the organisation, to ensure all views are included, and up to Group CEO level.  Irena is proficient in working with very senior key stakeholders to understand and clarify their research or training needs. Our team is skilled at reporting, communicating and presenting analysis to technical and non-technical wide and diverse audiences, in different languages.

Our expertise lies in mind-set and behaviour change having investigated and practiced in the major fields of Arts, Sports, Business and Science.


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Irena has interviewed many high profile experts in their respective fields. These have included Group CEOs, C-suite executives, people in the public domain including authors/motivational speakers, Doctors, scientists, ministers, sports personalities, actors, artists, spiritual leaders and film-makers. Because of the confidential nature of our clients’ (and former employers’) works, we are not always able to publish all those films and photographs and provide names. You can, however, read those interviews with photos, when we have received permission, on our Blog and social media pages (follow the links at the bottom of all our website pages).



Some of the topics we have investigated, reported on and written about include: Mind-set change, Memory, Behavioural change, Wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, relational) and Wellbeing in Organisations, Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, CBT models (Traditional and Third Wave CBT such as compassion and meditation focused models), Meditation, Quiet-time & relaxation, Trauma, Spirituality in the Workplace, Coercive control, Abuse (physical, verbal, psychological), Organisation Culture Change, Change,  Employee Engagement, Male Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion, Evolutionary Psychology, Resilience, Arts and Sports.


“There have always been good people doing good work for the benefit of others and Irena is one of them. Irena gave us all a voice and introduced us to each other. She highlighted skills and talents, praised and encouraged many people. She also personally supported me when I ran my own workshop sessions. Her sensible and scientific approach was extremely helpful when much about mental and emotional health can be very emotive and sensitive.”

C.W, Global Corporate firm, South East of England

Our research has been termed ‘novel’ and some of our findings have been incorporated in our ‘Courses’ and ‘Books’ page. Our findings and proposed approaches to wellbeing are available as an online or in person workshop. We can also present elements of our courses in the forms of talks or Masterclasses. Get in touch with us if you are interested in Irena presenting to your organisation about any of those topics.


We published the findings of  our research on psychological coercive control, which is illegal in the UK in the domestic area in an article in Psychology Today we co-authored with Dr Lisa Fontes.

If you believe you have experienced psychological coercive we can help you. We have created an online and in person course. Check our blog.


Irena completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training course in India on 15 December 2019. She has devised workshops to help individuals connect to themselves and their feelings using ashtanga yoga – the eight limbs of yoga. This course is particularly effective for those who might be neuro-diverse (be on the Autism spectrum or have ADHD/ADD) or have experienced trauma. Email Irena for more information. Workshops are taking place at week-ends. One on one sessions are available evenings.


We offer a series of in-person or online/virtual workshops, including webinars on a variety of topics. Popular webinars which we have delivered globally have been on the topics of “Resilience during adversity”, “Emotions and Emotional Literacy”, “Relaxation techniques and the body/mind connection”, ” Stress: the good, the bad and the ugly”, “Understanding Coercive control and abuse in all environments”, “The Employee Experience”.


If our journey and values resonate with you and you have yourself faced adversity and transformed your life, we would love to hear from you. We are passionate about giving a voice to those who might not have one. Email us at: or send us an email on our Connect page.



“Irena’s impact in our organization cannot be underestimated.  She brings a unique set of skills and perspective to the workplace. The way she made the workshop environment feel safe and trusted to be vulnerable and peel beneath the veneer of the work persona was brilliant. In turn I felt much more confident being vulnerable with peers and colleagues. The sessions were facilitated so well, there was a period of calm that gave the headroom to adequately reflect on work challenges and find practical solutions. I still use some of the techniques Irena taught today. The benefits are seen throughout our organization. Thank you for being brave and taking such a huge risk; it paid off. I am bringing more of myself to work.”

IW, Global Corporate, England