Frequently Asked Questions


What we offer

  • We are just as happy running one-on-ones, small groups or all-encompassing workshops.
  • I cover every imaginable ‘life sphere’ from education, corporate, health, therapeutic field to sports & arts environments. Past adventures include facilitating tightly-knit gatherings or talking at much larger forums.

I can help you

IF You might be unhappy but not yet identify why? Or you may simply suspect that there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing.

OR You sense that you’re suffering from psychological ailments, or maybe you’re weighed down by a diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, abuse – domestic and/or in the workplace – relationship issues such as co-dependency, work-related or life stress OR addictions such as love/sex and food, yet the help you’ve received has fallen short.

OR You sure you have untapped talents & gifts but somehow are unable to reach your full potential or move forward in your personal mind-set, career and/or in relationships.

OR You’ve experienced an assortment of the above.

Why me?

You can read more about my own journey in ‘About Me’ and soon in my book ‘The Return Home’. I understand first-hand many of the issues that my clients might be facing. My own personal experience of adversity provided the catalyst for my own therapeutic journey in 2012 with the Inner Bonding® (IB®), which is a unique healing modality rooted in what is known as Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) including facets of CBT with ways to access our own inner knowing, accessing our feelings and healing. I also use other modalities.

  • I have recovered from psychological ailments including trauma; fulfilled many of my dreams and have qualified/worked in the major four disciplines of Arts & Sports (dance), Business and Science
  • I have trialled what I teach on myself, to countless clients across many continents and continue to innovate and evolve.
  • I am comfortable working with a diverse range of international clients, with an equal split of male/female, in different languages and from different cultures using primarily English, French, Serbian and Croatian.
  • I offer first and foremost non-judgmental presence. I practice with empathy, compassion, humility and a fair amount of skill, ensuring that any space is safe.
  • My work is about connecting (with ourselves and others), breaking down blocks/defenses that seek to prevent us from being who we’re meant to be, recovering our vitality vibrancy and wider sense of wellbeing to live a rich and fulfilling life.

My training as a ‘practitioner researcher’ in Psychology is ongoing as I also work as an assistant clinical psychologist in the English Health Service (NHS).

  • I have qualified in psychology at Postgraduate level with a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and a Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology
  • I continue to train and I am a candidate for a Doctoral programme or PhD in London in Psychology
  • I’ve gained hundreds of hours of clinical time as a facilitator of Inner Bonding® (IB) and have trained directly with the co-creator of this modality, Dr Margaret Paul, in the United States over a significant period of time (6 years) and Karen Krall, who’s the Director of the IB course curriculum
  • I assist Dr Paul in her workshops and under the supervision of qualified clinicians
  • I have gained extensive scientific research experience of what I’m teaching and practicing in a variety of diverse environments
  • I’m under continuous development and supervision whilst I practice PLUS am fully insured
  • Three of my copyrighted courses have been scientifically tested and are also rooted in evidence-based research
  • I continually re-evaluate my findings based on my interactions with clients, my own supervision and self-reflective work
  • I have two undergraduate Degrees, acting certifications from the best schools in England and the USA and have practiced as a dancer from a young age
  • I understand the mind-body connection, not only from the evidence-based research supporting it but personal experience

How many sessions will I need before I get better?

The key pre-requisite for us working together is a heartfelt willingness and openness to learning whilst taking full responsibility for the ways you might be thinking or behaving, which might be contributing to your difficulties. I’d openly encourage you to listen to yourself to find out if my teachings resonate with you personally, since the facilitator-client relationship is central to your ‘wellbeing’ progress.

What modalities do I use?

Therapeutic coaching

  • Inner Bonding®
  • Person-centred client philosophy inspired by Carl Rogers
  • Various forms of inner connection, including meditation: I’ve trained in retreats in both the UK and South East Asia.  I’m a life-long student who devised & assembled a course based on my own personal learnings.
  • Energy work: I am a student of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as well as Chinese & Indian energy work


  • Performance Consulting – accredited levels 1 and 2
  • In person workshops and training: all of the above. In addition: drama, movement, mime, using acting and improvisation for public speaking confidence.

About Inner Bonding®

 Inner Bonding® is co-created by Dr Margaret Paul ( The powerful modality teaches individuals how to connect within and how to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs and ensuing emotions, as well as how to identify erroneous beliefs. The process leads to increase self-care, joy and empowerment, as well as the full realization of our talents and gifts. There are six steps to practice.

About Spirituality

Spirituality is wrongly equated to religiosity, which it simply isn’t. A scientific definition by Dhar et al. (2011)  is “a state of being where an individual is able to deal with day-to-day life in a manner which leads to the realization of one’s full potential; meaning and purpose of life; and happiness from within”.

Scientists Worthington and Aten (2009) defined it further as feeling an affinity with:

  1. Religion (a particular religion and community)
  2. Humanistic (feeling of commitment to humanity)
  3. Nature (feelings of awe and connection to the beauty of nature),
  4. Cosmos (connectedness with creation). So if you feel a connection with these, you can call yourself spiritual.

The first session

The first session is divided into 3 parts:

There is an initial assessment including a very brief history, unlocking and understanding the reason(s) for you seeking help and shaping the goals which will allow me to best tailor part 2 and earmark which ‘interventions’ are most appropriate. You then get to experience working with me with the various modalities (as appropriate). Most importantly we review your experience, answer any burning questions and agreeing next steps.