Connect with us here if you are interested in working with us and/or our mission and values resonate with you.


Fees for a 50 minutes session with Irena are (change and cancellation notice is 72 hours/3 business days):

All individual sessions are 50 minutes.

  • Private Individuals £115/session (package of sessions to use within a month available on request). 
  • Corporate Executive Coaching £160/session
  • Consulting: £160/session
  • InnerBonding members £100/session
  • Part-time single parents, students and anyone receiving income support: negotiable over 15min phone consultation

Fees for webinars, workshops, presentations and seminars vary. Get in touch with us here!

I am unable to provide advice by email but can provide a 10min initial consultation by zoom. Please check our Coaching page for private one on one guidance and support.

We look forward to connecting!

(Main photo credit: Olivia Marc Photography, France)