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As you will see, there are various ways we can support you; one-on-one with one off session, as part of a coaching and mentorship programme, in small groups or all-encompassing workshops. We offer courses (online, in person or via our mentorship programme) and also regularly publish self-care tips on our blog. We cover every imaginable ‘life sphere’ from education, corporate, health, therapeutic fields to sports and arts environments. I have facilitated tightly-knit gatherings and presented at much larger forums.

Working with Irena one on one

Irena is in her second year of her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (PsychD) scheduled to qualify as a Doctor in Psychology in the summer 2023 after working as a trainee Counselling Psychologist and Assistant Psychologist in the National Health Service as well as an Executive and occupational coach, facilitator and yoga & meditation instructor in a variety of settings.

Irena can help you in one on one individual sessions which she offers via Skype/Zoom or phone in English, French and Serbian/Croatian. She also has an understanding of German, Spanish and Russian.

Our clients usually approach me if they need career or personal life coaching. They might be unhappy but are not able to identify why.They might know that they have gifts and talents and that there is more to life than what they are experiencing, or they are experiencing mental health/ psychological ailments (such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, abuse – domestic and/or in the workplace – relationship issues such as co-dependency, work-related or life stress, or addictions such as love/sex and food). Sometimes they might experience an assortment of the above.

You can find out more about Irena’s own journey, qualifications and experience in ‘About Me’ and in our FAQ.

I understand first-hand many of the issues that the clients I support might be facing. My own personal experience of adversity provided the catalyst for my own therapeutic journey in 2012 with the Inner Bonding® (IB®) modality, which is a unique and integrative healing modality including facets of CBT (and much more) with ways to access our own inner knowing,  our feelings and healing. I also use other modalities.

Coaching Modalities

My approach is rooted within person-centred counselling psychology, ‘transpersonal psychology’, the alliance of psychology and spirituality, positive psychology, humanistic values with scientific and evidence-informed practices.

The main modalities we use are:

  • Connecting Coaching Your Alchemists’ own coaching process
  • Inner Bonding®
  • Yoga, Meditation & Breath work: Irena has been practicing yoga for many years and qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher (200 hours Teacher Training Course) in India in December 2019.
  • Person-centred and existential psychotherapy inspired by Carl Rogers
  • Mind/body connection: meditation, stillness, quiet time, silence, visualisation
  • Career-coaching: Irena is also an accredited level 2 Performance Consulting coach
  • Public-speaking & stage/camera work: As an ex professional writer/actress/producer, Irena also incorporates drama, breath-work, movement,
    mime, using acting and improvisation for public speaking confidence, film- interviewing techniques (speaking in the media, in front of the camera), story-telling.

In person workshops

In addition to working individually one on one, Irena is a skilled workshop leader/facilitator in a variety of subjects having devised many training materials for a wide variety of organisations of various sizes as well as smaller and more intimate groups. She has taken various groups of clients through her online courses. Get in touch to find out more.


“Irena has worked with me on a personal basis by being a confidant as I am dealing with fatherhood for the first time alongside my career coming to a crossroads. She also pushed me to consider the qualities I have developed through my previous career and crucially, its relevance to the workplace. It has given me greater confidence to use that to help myself and others.”

A.M, Global Corporate firm, London

“I worked with Irena on student projects during her time in our Global Corporate firm. She made a huge impression on the students. She is very articulate, engaging and her approach to workplace wellness was very refreshing. She can not underestimate the impact she made on those she worked with or met during her time in our firm.”

Richard Moodey, Global Corporate firm, London


Working together and how sessions work

The key pre-requisite for us working together is a heartfelt willingness and openness to learning whilst taking full responsibility for the ways you might be thinking or behaving, which might be contributing to your difficulties.

Having assisted clients globally over the last five years, Irena is very proficient at honing into the issues which might be halting your progress. In our 1-hour session, there is an initial assessment including a very brief history, unlocking and understanding the reason(s) for you seeking help and shaping the goals which will allow me to best tailor part 2 and earmark which ‘interventions’ are most appropriate.

You then get to experience working with Irena with the various modalities (as appropriate). Most importantly we review your experience, answer any burning questions and agree next steps.

We would openly encourage you to listen to yourself to find out if our ethos and teachings resonate with you personally, since the facilitator-client relationship is central to your ‘wellbeing’ progress.

Fees for a 50 minutes session with Irena are (change and cancellation notice is 72 hours/3 business days):

All individual sessions are 50 minutes.

Private Individuals £95/session (package of sessions to use within a month: available on request)
Corporate Executive Coaching £150/session
InnerBonding members £85/session
Part-time single parents/students/unemployed: £70/session
Other: Fees for webinars, workshops, presentations and seminars vary. Get in touch with us here!

We offer 1, 3 or 6 months coaching & mentorship programmes (check our courses page here) which are great and cost effective ways of receiving support from Irena.

Fees for workshops vary depending on your needs, topics covered and the size of your groups. Please contact us if you are interested in booking Irena.

Connect with Irena if you have any questions on our Connect page.



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