The Medicine in Us

Photo: Michel Boule

As the world shakes, we can use this time time to remember that the human being is extremely resilient. If we have underlying medical conditions, we must follow the medical guidelines outlined by our respective governments and stay at home.

We can also call upon our practice, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to support ourselves and loved ones who might be dealing with hardships.

The response worldwide varies depending on government guidelines. However all seem to agree that we should practice “physical distancing”. This is not to be confused with “social distancing”, which is the term widely used. Practice keeping a safe distance from others if we are asymptomatic but use ways to keep connected socially via phone or technology is vital as we are social mammals.

If we are asymptomatic, at home, or in gardens, courtyards, parks, here are some things we can do to help our organism heal.

1️⃣We can breathe mindfully and observe our mental and physical state.

2️⃣We can practice mindful restrain from giving regular attention to the undesirable and destructive thoughts or energies around us. Focus on reliable information.

3️⃣Be mindful of our diet even if quarantined and in self-isolation.

4️⃣ Be mindful of what others are wanting to share which might lower our spirits.

5️⃣ Continue our physical practice even if we modify it.

6️⃣ Solidarity and Helping each other. If you are asymptomatic, ask your friends and neighbours how you can help. Yesterday three of my friends offered to give me toilet paper as I ran out 10 days ago and have not been able to find any locally or order any! A male friend gave me one of his.

7️⃣ If we have been able to go out, keeping distance from others, upon returning home ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20seconds with soap. You might also want to consider washing the clothes you wore if you brushed up against hard surfaces as the virus is said to be surviving on hard surfaces and textiles from 4 to 9 hours.

Photo: Lisa Hobbs

The first buds of spring are showing on these photos above… there is hope.

Our medicine is in us. We can aid the body fight the pathogens off as this first study on COVID-19 shows here.

Keep safe, support each other and use this time to go inward and slow down. We will get through this.

If you are needing one on one support during these hard time, connect with me on our connect page. I am reducing my fees for the next four weeks.