Realise Your Vision with Connecting Coaching

Are you ready to meet your responsibility of being all you can be and share your gifts and talents with the world?

After helping countless clients worldwide make their dreams a reality, I am launching my ‘connected coaching programme’ to help you on your journey of self-mastery.

I have combined in this programme fifteen years of psychological, meditation & yoga, executive coaching and creative practices to offer a different type of coaching to help you brainstorm and realise your vision.

Clients from such diverse fields as finance, healthcare, creative arts, psychology and science have benefited from my method and have either created new roles in their existing workplace, launched new enterprises/businesses or changed careers entirely. You can read the many testimonials on my website here

What is the connecting coaching process?

“Irena’s impact in our organization cannot be underestimated. She brings a unique set of skills and perspective to the workplace. The way she made the workshop environment feel safe and trusted to be vulnerable and peel beneath the veneer of the work persona was brilliant. In turn I felt much more confident being vulnerable with peers and colleagues. The sessions were facilitated so well, there was a period of calm that gave the headroom to adequately reflect on work challenges and find practical solutions. I still use some of the techniques Irena taught today. The benefits are seen throughout our organization. Thank you for being brave and taking such a huge risk; it paid off. I am bringing more of myself to work.”
IW, Global Corporate, England

Traditional coaching methods tend to get us to work from our intellect and analytical minds “to think our way through” our vision and goals. Whilst it is essential to use our intellect, we can’t be creative and analytical at the same time as both processes are different. Being creative is imagining, envisioning freely. Making our dream a reality involves discernment, self-reflection and critical thinking.

Photo credit: Sebastian Herrmann

We therefore need a process allowing us to have equal access to both the right side (creative part) of our brain, and space to freely imagine possibilities, as well as the left side of the brain (analytical) to realise our vision, remaining connected all the way through to the bodily sensations this process will awaken. This is easier said than done and requires a coach practitioner with some psychological and somatic work awareness and experience because change and all it encompasses is mostly feared.

What I have observed happens in most coaching or brainstorming sessions when there is an over-reliance on the ‘head’ and analytical side, feelings and bodily sensations which arise, are repressed by the clients. Clients may express and focus on the limitations they come face to face with ( challenges, “the now state”, logistics or the how) and coaches might acknowledge this and allow some of the creative process to unfold. However, those projections and concerns about a hypothetical future and negative mind-chatter/mind-set are not addressed.

Change is becoming the norm nowadays but is still hard for most people to navigate. Change will trigger fears and emotions during the “brainstorming” process, which requires expertise outside many coaches’s capabilities and remit. Often these fears are “irrational” and based on false beliefs, which if they could be worked through as they arise, could provide an immense breakthrough for the client. Often, difficult emotions are not worked through which is how the creative process (ideas, dreams and possibilities) are halted. The clients can’t see how they themselves stop themselves from being all they can be.

“Irena has worked with me on a personal basis by being a confidant as I am dealing with fatherhood for the first time alongside my career coming to a crossroads. She also pushed me to consider the qualities I have developed through my previous career and crucially, its relevance to the workplace. It has given me greater confidence to use that to help myself and others.”
A.M, Global Corporate firm, London

Connecting Coaching Process and Steps

“Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succor you want are within you.”

Swami Vivekananda

During my connected coaching process, I facilitate this journey for you and help you use both your analytical and creative minds whilst ensuring you are connected to yourself to receive your own answers. When limitations, false beliefs or anything blocking the flow arises, I am trained and experienced in helping clients work through these to resolution. The process is therefore more organic allowing you to unearth the dreams and desires you might have disallowed whilst assisting you in working through any limitations in the moment. Having created and led my own businesses and projects, I understand what is required to make a project a reality.

The steps I take you through are summarised below:

  1. Step 1: Relaxation and Balance
  2. Step 2: The present
  3. Step 3: The vision
  4. Step 4: Keys and skills
  5. Step 5: Action plan
  6. Step 6: Evaluation
  7. Step 1 includes various techniques and is used throughout

“The two day workshop with Irena was illuminating. Irena created a nurturing and safe space to facilitate the exploration and healing of the false beliefs and unhelpful habits I had unconsciously been living by. The depth of work achieved in the space of the course was profound; although challenging, Irena was there to support and encourage through every step of the way. At the end of the workshop, I left with a profound sense peace within and the knowledge that I can continue this work myself having created a deep love an understanding of myself with Irena’s guidance. Thankyou for the wonderful blessing that this workshop has been.”
CB, Healthcare Professional, Australia

When we allow ourselves to relax connecting to the present moment, we are centred and peaceful. We are able to sense (hear/visualise) clearly, observe some of our erroneous thinking, assumptions and resulting emotions non-judgementally and work through them. In this relaxed and connected state, we also have access to our intuition. We accompany you in this process helping you to gradually learn to open to sensing more subtle and heightened sensations (bodily sensations, images, sounds, desires), and to identify erroneous thinking and resulting feelings safely.

The connecting coaching formula I have arrived at is proven and tested, first by myself and then by my clients, as the testimonies throughout my website demonstrate. I was able to successfully graduate from four entirely different disciplines (Arts and Movement, Business, Science and Spiritual studies) which required completely different skill-sets. I have also practiced in different industries in very prominent positions as a non-native of these countries.

Outputs Received

“Yogah citta vrtti nirodah”

“Yoga is the cessation of the modulations of the mind”

Yoga sutra 1.2, Patanjali

Whilst you are relaxed and centred within yourself, I compile outputs fore you, which you will take away. In step 2, the “present” slate, you might be sharing the world as you see it “now”, whilst in step 3, you sense and inhabit the “vision” of your ideal life. In step 4, we identify obstacles and remedies leading to step 5 your action plan. Step 6 is about accountability.

You will receive an analysis of your current situation, obstacles, any knowledge/training required with the keys and skills to make your vision a reality. The programme I design for you will help you achieve your vision with realistic and achievable goals you can action immediately.

This process takes approximately 2 hours (allowing Q&A and debrief) and can be done over Skype or in person.

Living From a More Authentic Place Leads to A More Joyful Life

This is a process and a journey. Where our process differs is that it goes deeper enabling clients to get in touch with inherent gifts and talents they might not touch upon during a more traditional process. Once these are revealed and the possibilities have become conscious, clients are able to start creating from a more authentic place. This leads to live a more authentic and joyful life.

Connect with us if you would like to learn more and start your journey toward self-mastery here