Irena terms her path ‘unorthodox’ because nothing predisposed her to achieve what she has and be where she is today when considering the conditions of her childhood upbringing. Below she shares about her journey hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams and listen to their inner knowing regardless of the conditions they might find themselves in.

Irena shares: “I grew up in a poor, disadvantaged, immigrant, and at times, violent and abusive, neighbourhood in France in adversity and hardship. All the while, the Balkan war was ravaging my parental ancestral homeland. My family, like so many other families escaping personal tragedy, poverty and war, suffered terribly as a result, and we, in turn, did not have an easy life. Through education, life-long learning, my mother’s courage, I was able to train, qualify and practice in various fields including Arts & sports, Business and Science and most importantly recover from various physical and psychological ailments. Everything I have investigated scientifically, written about and transmit, is rooted in professional and personal experience.”


Depuis que j’ai commencé à travailler avec Irena j’ai change les mauvaises habitudes que j’avais depuis des années alors que je pensais qu’elles faisaient parties de moi. Irena m’a libéré de certaines chaines que je pensais impossible à enlever et cela à décuplé la volonté que j’avais d’évoluer. Irena est le tuteur qui m’aide à grandir et à devenir moi même.(Since I started working with Irena I changed many life-long habits, I thought were part of my character, but Irena helped me see no longer served me. She helped me free myself from chains I thought I would never break, and helped me evolve. Irena is the teacher who helps me grow and be who I am meant to be). 
E.M.R, Artistic Director, Paris, France (in French)
I loved working with Irena. She created a safe space for me and I felt seen, heard and validated. Irena is very compassionate, loving, intelligent and spiritual and I felt totally comfortable and supported by her which is exactly what I needed. She is very in touch with her intuition and was able to guide me in the inner bonding process so I was able to get in touch with my deep inner truth. Irena is a beautiful person and I highly recommend working with her.
L.T, Business Development Representative, Australia
Irena is the BEST facilitator for me to do Inner Bonding work.  There is something so sacred to me about you and the work you are doing with me and the way that you do it.  I have known and worked with many professional counselors and coaches and inspirational speakers, authors and teachers either in person or through their books, talks, Podcasts (I'm a self-help enthusiast!) and you are sincerely one of the most brilliant, beautiful women I have ever come across.  You have the most exquisite beautiful blend of kind, compassionate heart and high intelligence and spiritual wisdom. 
R.V, Author, Colorado, USA


Irena has two undergraduate university degrees, acting certifications and diplomas from the US and the UK, a  Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and a Master in Psychology from British universities. She is also a facilitator in Inner bonding after having trained with Dr Margaret Paul extensively over a long period of time (6 years). She considers her training on-going.

She has worked for Ministers of Health in the UK, co-founded (and worked in) her own theatre companies, and has worked directly for C-Suite Executives and CEOs in global corporate organisations in the London City Financial district. Having grown up in a multi-cultural and multi-faith environment and having travelled extensively, she speaks various languages. She is a testimony that recovery and happiness are possible and are not so much linked to our conditions but our mind-set. She brings an appreciation of different cultural sensibilities and personal life experience of mental health challenges and recovery.

Your Alchemists’ mission is to help others believe in themselves, fulfil their potential to lead meaningful, fulfilling, responsible and conscious lives, whilst continuing innovation, advancing our own knowledge and contributions to the fields of psychology, transpersonal psychology and spirituality. Irena is preparing for a Doctoral or PhD programme.

Your Alchemists are also committed to diversity, inclusion, social justice, equality and sustainability. Our therapeutic coaching is also rooted within the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model which coaches individuals to become their ‘own guru’ and to not hand-over their knowing and power to others but listen to themselves.

We believe in self-empowerment and self-reliance in an interdependent world.  We are also  passionate about giving a voice (and a seat) at leadership tables to those who up until now have not had one. We will do so starting with our book ‘The Return Home – a journey of healing from coercive control’, and a series of articles, which are scheduled to be published in the summer 2019.

If, upon reading our story, our journey and values resonate with you, and you believe you have a powerful story to share about transformation, recovery and well-being, please get in touch with us.